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Vicious Circle

Created in 1993 by the founders of Abus Dangereux 'zine, the Vicious Circle Record Company has set itself apart ever since through eclectic and surprising choices.

In its early years, Vicious Circle releases were often done as a matter of urgency and were rocked by schizophrenic noise (Sleeppers, Basement, Tantrum) or more pop (Straw Dogs, Dog Shop), punk-rock ( Jerky Turkey), garage (La Secta), melodic hardcore (Seven Hate, Greedy Guts), noisy rock (Virago), crazy jazzcore (Sabot, Belly Button) or blues (Petit Vodo)... and by many others who helped create the Vicious Spirit.

As time went by, new faces and new styles came: dub (Manutension, Improvisators Dub), electro-pop (The Notwist, Dum Dum Boys), folk-rock (ABBC, Shannon Wright, The Electric Fresco), pure rock (The Ex, Girls Vs Boys), pop (Calc), and that furious rock that still hits you where it hurts (Radio 4 and King Khan).

2008 artists : Shannon Wright, Elysian Fields, The BellRays, Tender Forever, Minor Majority, Mansfields Tya, Kim, Calc and more soon.