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L'équipe de CD1D


Alternative to major record companies, the labels are today the way to oppose the imposed tendencies and to encourage independent bands to spread their music.

Out of these reflections was created Soulbeats Records.

Allow live artists to develop their recorded work is the key word.

Encourage touring, work in link with the media, find relaying points for distributions, as many barriers to jump during the development of artistic careers.

No frontiers, no musical barriers : rock, reggae, soul, funk, ska, hardcore, world music, dub, electro… Soulbeats means to be a label of the 21st century, colourful, international and nonetheless close to its roots, close to its culture and above all close to its artists and their value.

Authenticity, originality, environmental concerns, committed, all these led us to launch this project.

La Chango Family - BABYLON BYPASS (Distrib : Mosaïc Music Distribution)
Three and a quarter - CHUBBY DUBBY (Distrib : Mosaïc Music Distribution)
Shaolin Temple Defenders - CHAPTER 1 : ENTER THE TEMPLE (Distrib : Nocturne)
Seyni et Yéliba - LIBERTE (Distrib : Nocturne)
Lieutenant Foxy - DUB AND VOCALS IN MY CENTRAL STATION (Distrib : Nocturne)