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Hors-Normes Productions

HORS-NORMES PRODUCTIONS is a fiercely independent label created in 2000 to support the recording projects of the band Lagony.
The artistic fulfilling equalled the financial troubles the flame is still burning bright.

And so the label accompanied and work with different artists like Mascarade, Michel Vivoux, Akeikoi, Sunsplash, Marcel Vincent... The name, as you will have guessed, was chosen to express the greatest eclecticism in the styles of the musics it approaches.

Though the « relaxation music » section has suffered a lot, the label remains open to all kinds of stuff like karaoke, Quebec variety and Japanese chamber music.

The label is in charge of the production and promotion of these bands :
-ONCLE STRONGLE (Garage-Swing)
-AKEIKOI (Afro-rock)
-SUNSPLASH (Universal Roots Reggae)
-La Méthode à Mimile (Kitchen Cabaret !)
-Michel VIVOUX (Astounding singer/guitarist)

These other activities focus on bands booking (salle de la Tannerie à Agen, various events...), artistic coordination (tour management, artist administration, contact making, projects coaching...).

Finally, it is also the neuralgic centre of collective LES DOIGTS DANS LA CRISE, informal collective of surviving rockers from legendary association « les Doigts dans la Prise », which is quite keen on organizing self-managed festivals according to their will and whom they meet on their way.