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Boxon Records

After three years of unremitted work, Boxon Records, the young French independent recording label managed to make itself a pretty nice spot on the French electronic scene. Created in 2007 by Julien Minet (aka DCFTD) in Bordeaux, the story of this label looks like an exploit in a context of sick musical industry. Symbol of their amazing ascension: Gooseflesh scheduled at the festival « Transmusicales de Rennes », WAT pre-selected and Dilemn in the discovery category of “Printemps de Bourges 2010”. Two other encouraging clues: the "Best Of Boxon 2008/2009" has been nominated at the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 6 in the "compilation category", and the label is 4th in the artistic domain in Aquitaine (France) at the Conseils Awards 2010.

Boxon is above all, the story of a guy who wanted to fight for the music he believed in. Thanks to Myspace’s development, Julien Minet treats himself with a very eclectic choice of artists. Indeed, among the five artists or bands officially signed on the label, three different nationalities can be counted.
But the young collective doesn’t want to stop here! With already more than 25 releases (vinyl or digital) in only two years, Boxon definitely wants to shake the electro scene! Watch out!