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SINSEMILIA is : – more than 1 million albums sold – a double golden disc for the album and platinum disc for the single “Tout le Bonheur du Monde” – more than 1200 shows – 20 years of career – precursors of French reggae music

Despite success tours and many golden albums Sinsemilia always been faithfull to themselves free thinkers still keeping their sincerity. Albums like RESISTANCE or PREMIERE RECOLTE are classics from the French reggae history but the big popular success of “Tout le Bonheur du Monde” conquered a very large audience (double golden disc for the album and platinum disc for the single). With frankness and its love of exchange and dialogue Sinsemilia kept its original style and get where nobody could expect them ! At the top of the media coverage ! So the band became one of the major actor of the French reggae scene which permit them to popularize this music and make it accessible to all.

With UN AUTRE MONDE EST POSSIBLE their new album which will release with Soulbeats Records on March 24th in France (March 27th in Germany with Broken Silence) Sinsemilia celebrates reasons to keep hope into the future singing it with a reggae music between roots and hightest rythmes which are their trademark.

Many guests are here for this occasion like Tiken Jah Fakoly on the single “Un Autre Monde est Possible”. After 20 years of friendship and collaboration they finally recorded a song together. A real pamphlet under some reggae roots music notes which call on each of us to reflect about human condition and unequal distribution of wealth. Sinsemilia also brings together THE French reggae dream team on the “Reggae Addicts Connexion” track with Balik (Danakil), Komlan and Bouchkour (Dub Inc.), Naâman and Yaniss Odua. It’s all a family which met in this new project. Three generations which are united to celebrate a French reggae music at its best and more popular than ever. A unique track to discover !