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Zound Zandé


: The album " Zound Zandé " (in English: the decay) is consistent of the first album: beats which mix Soul, Funk, Electro music, African tones but also Trip Hop, all of which allow Art melody to show his vocal extent, from technical phrasings to melodic singing. But it is mostly the opportunity for this artist to show his opening to the world and his urge to deal with the prejudices which too often confine the African artists to a world / reggae repertoire (even if he loves these genres too). Now, for this record, he continues to express himself essentially in Mooré and Dioula with the aim of continuing to speak first and foremost to the African people but also to protect those languages constituted of unique tones and make the rest of the world enjoy this musical wealth. The album has been mastered by Dave Cooley (Stones Throw) who really liked this project “Definitely my favorite album from this year”

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