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Zone 51 - EP


Dark, powerful, rythmic,adjectives lack to define precisely this techno-oriented EP from the French DJ. Between a radioactive storm and acid rain, we feel transported to a desolated universe, dry and gloomy, rich from unclarified mysteries. It takes us into a torment of deep bass sounds tearing us like tidal waves coming along with their mermaids singing deadly melodies.
Boxon Records’ fifty first realease is not for weak-hearted. This firmly dark EP will help you realise that the fairytale is over.
Present on the electro scene since 2005, Skinlips delivers an insidious techno brightened up by crushing rythms.
In March 2012, his first Maxi, « Shock », out on ThAF Records, is critically acclaimed and fully supported by the electro scene as well as the general music scene. His track have been played by Gtronic, Proxy, Cyberpunkers, Far Too Loud, The Oddword or even Tom Deluxx.
After his second Maxi, « At the Drop », still on ThAF Records, he gains experience as a DJ by playing gigs at Fuse (Brussels), Egg (London), Yip Yab (Munich) and the 101 (Clermont-Ferrand) and sharing the stage with Boys Noize, Len Faki, BirdyNamNam, Oliver Hutermaan, Beat Torrent, Tom Deluxx and Technasia.
His EP « Zone 51 » will be out on April the 21st on Boxon Records.
Welcome to the Area 51. An endless desert is spreading before your eyes. Be careful, people here shoot on sight.
You have been warned.

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