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Take It Slow


After their work in Leeds (UK) on previous album mixed by Eddie Roberts (New Mastersounds), the band got themselves the services of Patchworks (Mister President, Uptown Funk empire, Mister Day…) for the Mix and Mastering. This groove scientist perfectly underlined the density of their sound which Mister Day illustrated wit a creation of the artwork for this new opus. It features Gift of Gab, (acrobatic and experimented MC of the famous Blackalicious), with his unstoppable hip hop flow on eponymous track «Take it slow» recorded in Oakland, California, but also a great deal of the Bordeaux scene (The Jouby’s, Gang of Divas…). As fond as soul as ever, our faithful monks shared their love for music with artists such as Dionne Charles, Martha High or Lyon-based formation The Dynamics.

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01 Take It Slow
02 Take It Slow (Feat Gift Of Gab)03' 15"
03 I Know What It IS
04 I Know What It Is03' 43"
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