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Secret Blood


Recorded in Athens (USA) with her loyal partners, "Secret Blood" is the most accomplished (her ninth, with the one recorded with Yann Tiersen) of an artist who decided to lead her career with freedom and integrity. Mixed by Andy Baker and mastered by John Golden (Sonic Youth, Ariel Pink, Girls...), "Secret Blood" does not care about
labels, rules and styles, alternating short and long songs, folk tales and blistering attacks noisy.

Shannon Wright takes pleasure in doing discovering to us her first love, the rock : the furious "Fractured", "Commoner's Saint" and its strong guitars, the hypnotic "Violent Colors", as the overtones of her past co-operation with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey...).
But Shannon Wright makes you feel a hypersensitivity as well, with "On The Riverside", "Dim Reader" or "Satellites". We can feel other prooves of youthful energy all through "Secret Blood" ; whereas the delicate arrangements of "Under the Luminaries" are emblematic of the total control of a complicated artist of great integrity.
With this excellent new album, Shannon Wright has carried on her harmonious career that she started 10 years ago: she is definitely one of the most talented and engaging artists of her generation.

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