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Queen Of The Meadow


Queen Of The Meadow is the second album of New York Band Elysian Fields, released in the USA at the beginning of the 2000\'s and unfortunately for many years unavailable in our country. In memory of Jeff Buckley, a close friend of the band, Queen Of The Meadow makes it possible to understand why Elysian Fields became so cult along the years (from Bleed Your Cedar, 1996, to the sumptuous The Afterlife, 2009). This is one of the necessary and essential albums of the band.
Just The essential !

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01 Black Acres04' 27"
02 Bayonne04' 08"
03 Bend Your Mind03' 26"
04 Tides Of The Moon04' 21"
05 Hearts Are Open Graves03' 15"
06 Rope Of Weeds06' 11"
07 Dream Within A Dream04' 39"
08 Barely Recognize You04' 48"
09 Fright Night05' 50"
10 Queen Of The Meadow04' 32"
11 Cities Will Fall13' 20"
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