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Ponmelo - EP


BOXON Records has the pleasure to present you the new EP by DJ Prosper & his friends Konix and Stabfinger : « Ponmelo EP ».
The EP. Watchout! Cover your head, remove your clothes and refresh yourself : here, the temperature is usually higher than normal. The heat shares with us psychedelic drawings and can dazzle us or even makes us hallucinate. « Wouldn’t be a mirage in the right corner ? » No, come on ! This is Dj Prosper & his friends’ lair, the kingdom of dance and music. Regain your strength, it will be helpful…
Romain Coolen aka Dj Prosper uses his turntables as a time machine. Starting his sets with old school hip-hop, then he enjoys playing more massive Breakbeat tracks, from artists of the american scene (Bassbin Twins, Dj Dan, Simply Jeff…) dealing easily with many dancing styles : Electro, Nu Breaks, Techno, FunkSoul, Disco, Acid House, Down Tempo…
Being a real agitator of the parisian nights – and not only -, DJ Prosper has developed a good reputation in every corner of the country. (In particular at the Transmusicales festival in Rennes as well as at the Printemps de Bourges festival).
WiththePonmeloEP,heisinvitingsomefriends, offering us a multi-color release. Nicolas Vicente aka Konix who had already a certain dancefloor experience – he played in Bogotrax Festival in Colombia and in the Caribbean full moon parties – is bringing a deep-house touch spiced with tribal rhythms. Nicolas Atlan aka Stabfinger, creator of the Lumiere Live project with Enrico Wiltsch, is a multi-faceted performer who has a solid background in classical music and who is developping his own sound : a mix of techno and Breakbeat.
Ponmelo EP contains two originals titles and three remixes. Zam’x is giving an oriental touch to « Ponmelo », while Adam Polo is bringing a futuristic dimension on « Una y Otra Vez » and Onetram is setting up a mesmerizing mood thanks to the addition of a pan flute.
There is an ambiance of Latin America on this new EP which recalls sometimes the merengue music. Put some monoï on your skin, lay down quietly on the beach, you are welcome to the Dominican Republic…

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