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One More Time


The 1st real album for the most bold Hip Hop Soul collective of today!!!

The Soul Revolution project was born from the encounter between Lion Of Bordeaux and Don Argentino in the Jazz underground clubs of Bordeaux. Our two friends do experiments, inviting musicians from different backgrounds to work on their musical productions. Today, influenced by the californian Hip Hop scene

(Quannum Project, Blackalicious, Jurassic 5, Project Blowed…), they are the representatives of what one would call the ‘French West Coast’.

After a quintessential mixtape, ‘A Journey Into Love & Rebellion’, which traces back their early years of experiments and collaborations and a 45 RPM released on Soulbeats Records, they finally put out their first album,’One More Time’. To be included: some relentless beats, deep and warm voices, skillful and clever Rap lyricism and some featurings of talented artists such as Pigeon John, Def 3…as well as Lisa Wieland, Vinz, The Jouby’s and Bastien Picot. Twelve tracks or twelve musical ‘revolutions’ that will sound on your turntables like a firebrand of modern times !

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01 Introduction - Feat Senbei (rap bossa)02' 14"
02 Dance Me - Feat Def3 (pop electro rap)03' 34"
03 Kool Out – Feat Bastien Picot & Vinz (new jazz soul)03' 52"
04 Byrd – Feat Lisa Wieland (hip hop soul)03' 58"
05 La Peine Capitale – Feat Juice (rap harpe)03' 14"
06 Avolta – Feat Natascha & Titchikito (samba rap)03' 11"
07 Now That I Know You – Feat Ian Sloane, Pigeon John & Lisa Wieland (exotic rap)03' 34"
08 Let Me Do It – Feat Bastien Picot & Vinz (West coast new sool)04' 41"
09 Oedeep – Feat Tareek, Juice & Hest (jazz rap)03' 38"
10 So Tired – Feat Lady Dakween, Lisa Wieland & The Jouby’s (hip hop funk)04' 55"
11 One More Time – Feat Kalu & Vincent The Strong (afro hop funk)03' 56"
12 Outro Live MPC – Feat Uzer (kroniker rap)03' 31"
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