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Elected as «Best Artist» in 2011 by the EME Awards (Excellence in Music
this year with a new side project worthy of his career and his charisma were are now recognized all over the music world. Mecoustic which will coming out on April 17th, it’s a worldwide artistic life culmination, the result of a real development in the art of vocalize. Today, this album is the culminant point of a rich and worldwide musical life ! It comes close of an acoustic atmosphere, and this is the novelty !
We’re discovering Tarrus Riley with another style, a style totally different of the reggae/dancehall vibe which he has practiced until now. The sound is neatly worked, supported by the subtle voice of the jamaican singer. For the experts, they’ll discover in Mecoustic original remakes of the artist’s tubes.
In 2004, Tarrus released his debut album, Challenges. The secret to his success is quite simple – “when preparation meets opportunity”, stated a self-assured Riley. ‘I sing for the people - this is the contribution I can make and after I make a song; it isn’t even mine anymore; it belongs to the people.”
Today it’s a daring and original bet which Tarrus is making. He reaches to develop successfully a new style closer to gospel music and keeping thematic he has defended all his life. We invite you to this loud and sensory excursion, let you drift off into Mecoustic, an authentic and enchanting album.

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01 Larger Than Life04' 36"
02 Black Mother Pray (feat J.Riley)04' 46"
03 She’s Royal04' 13"
04 Devil’s Appetite04' 10"
05 If It’s Jah Will03' 57"
06 Marcus Garvey05' 24"
07 Eye Sight04' 37"
08 Paradise05' 07"
09 Pick Up The Pieces06' 11"
10 One Two Order04' 00"
11 System Set04' 56"
12 Africa Awaits05' 51"
13 Other Half03' 43"
14 Eye Sight (bonus track)00' 42"
15 Whispers05' 42"
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