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Lisa and the Lips


New soul project by Lisa Kekaula & Bob Vennum from The BellRays !

An impressive tuft of hair, a warm look and that voice which, for over 15 years, thrills rock is Lisa Kekaula, high priestess of The BellRays. With its album "Have a Little Faith", the Californian band brought the most exciting achievemnt they had ever done : pushing brass instruments alongside Bob Vennum's famous guitar, the other heroes of The BellRays. But on stage, the brass section was out of the question. Had we lost hope?

As usual, the solution came from Spain, this strange country that no longer buys music but still loves it furiously. In Madrid the story built up in December 2012 : Hammond, Wurlitzer, trumpet, sax, guitars, old tube amps ... 10 tracks written by Lisa, Bob, Pablo " Funky" Perez and Henrik Widen ( Swedish member of the Diamond Dogs ) repatriated from the other side of the Atlantic to be mixed and mastered .

The result is up to expectations : warm, colorful, reading, dancing, funky, cheerful. Everything is exciting about this record... While on stage ! Think they are eight ! The big guns, the big game !

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