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Le Silence Est D'Or


"Le Silence Est D'Or" is the first song to address the subject of deafness, of sign language , and in a wider sense, the attitude of each person confronting our differences.
Apart from the feelings it can evoke, the aim of this song is to bring a wider public awareness of deaf culture, with its mixing of genres and the media.
That is the reason why, the idea for a sub titled lsf video, apeared evident to APECAL who produced this "cd video ULF", under the label "composit music".
Produced by sebastien lamigou gratiaa and performed by deaf comedians, the hard of hearing and the hearing.
"LE SILENCE EST D'OR" is the first song of a future show in lsf (LE SON DE NOS MAINS) , but that s another story...

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01 Le Silence est d'Or04' 20"
02 Clip Vidéo - Le Silence est d'Or
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