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La Fiancée du Crocodile


Although VERONE's first album was dotted with synthetic sounds, "La fiancée du crocodile" gives priority to a more organic approach, a challenging construction with unexpected and various bounces where Delphine's guitars and sensual banjo interact with Fabien's really distinctive wording, not to mention the psychedelic compositions emanating from their computer or the electronic and acoustic percussions. With their ten tracks, both energetic and daring, be it through a 1920s Charleston rhythm, a swaying ballad, an elating Pink Floydian rock or the quaint charm atmosphere of a carnival, they take you to a poetic and fairy tale like world, continually renewing itself.

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01 La Fiancée du Crocodile04' 20"
02 Silence Radio04' 05"
03 Transparent03' 58"
04 Etre Beau Ou Mourir03' 41"
05 Garage04' 04"
06 Le Bal de L'empereur03' 42"
07 L'élixir Suédois03' 59"
08 La Tête à L'Envers03' 23"
09 Hamac05' 31"
10 Le Concours d'Imitation04' 20"
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