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Ghetto Feel


Black Roots is a roots reggae band from the St. Paul’s area of Bristol, England, that after more than 35 years of existence continues to offer up a style of roots reggae with rock influences that draws you into its spell. Their message is still universal and “Ghetto Feel” their brand new album that comes out on September 23rd on Soulbeats Records, the independent French Reggae Label, lays open the band’s ideology. “Ghetto Feel is the place where the forgotten live, forgotten from all over the world“. After the recent album release in 2012 titled “On the Ground” that completed the band’s big come back, this newest offering is deeper and more profound, exploring more serious themes and social problems expressing a real point of view. It is a point of view that is open to the world, reflecting on the differences between peoples but also what draws them together as part of the human race. Since the start of their career, Black Roots has always maintained a clear independence of expression and style of working. Their first release, a 4 track 12” vinyl record, titled ‘Bristol Rock’ was released in 1981. It was produced by raising the money from gigs that the band organized in Bristol and released on Nubian Records, the label the band set up.

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