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Vanupié sounds like a warm travel issue as an incantation to bohemian life that the musician leaved some years ago. Since 2004 his charming voice and spicy reggae and soul music slowed the Parisian subway’s rhythm. Vanupié created a buzz!

Today Vanupié presents FreeBirds his brand new album on which he worked with
lot of patience and passion with the same energy and believe in a simple and real music. Flox is at the control, the uk nu reggae/electro scene’s genius produced the album giving a reggae mixed with soul pop and sometimes even electro music. With his entrancing voice Vanupié is crossing styles and times brilliantly honing his craft… As such he achieves another reggae music, an eclectic and free reggae. That’s why FreeBirds is aptly named as the praise of social cultural and musical freedom of which Vanupié has set as a priority. Cliché are being to lessen and only the music really matter unifying music styles and rallying people around the same ideal. The jewel will release on October 22th…

Well it’s a cocktail of colored and well arranged sonorities an intimate and sunny project that Vanupié is offering, a quest for freedom love and sensibility through a music which built his life. Once again Vanupié plays for the others and for a better world.

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01 Close By02' 56"
02 Freebirds03' 48"
03 Homeless05' 05"
04 Livin In I Music03' 29"
05 If I03' 54"
07 Jon's04' 40"
08 Drivin03' 08"
09 Feel Down04' 38"
10 Sing Sing03' 19"
11 May I03' 56"
12 Good Morning03' 56"
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