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Feiz Noz Moc'h


Recorded at Pagans studio nov. 2011.
Mixed by Laurentx Etxemendi and mastered by Gilles Lahonda.
Artwork by Pèir Lavit.

Roland Conq: guitar
Lors Landat: singing
Matèu Baudoin: singing, 3 holes flute, string tambourine, violin, percussions
Roman Baudoin: hurdy-gurdy

Arrangements Feiz Noz Moc'h.
Traditionnal themes & lyrics except:
1 Deddins Tolosa (theme and lyrics: Pèir Boissière)
1,2,3,9 (Breton lyrics: Lors Landat)
5 Difenn Ar Brezhoneg (from a text by Serj Ar Falcher)
7 Der Larifari (Traditionnal Yéniche, text Kimberlot from a poeme by Géry Herbert)
3, 5 (theme 2 & 3), 9 (Composition: Roland Conq)

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