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Falls best


Vinyl Edition sold with an MP3 download card inside, including 2 bonus tracks.

Nearly 10 years after their previous studio album, Chokebore releases "Falls Best". This new devastating EP will strike you directly in the heart. Five caustic and uncompromising songs, as rich in striking lightnings as in melancholy drizzles. From the tremendous "Lawsuit" to the well named "Awesome", going by the Fall spleen "Defenders", you can not be insensitive to this EP.
CHOKEBORE, as we have always loved it.

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10.00€ Add to cart
01 Lawsuit02' 17"
02 Get Blonder02' 35"
03 Defenders02' 52"
04 Joy02' 54"
05 Awesome03' 55"
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5.00€ Add to cart
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