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Dark As Night


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In thoose days there is a voice resounding defending the living of a free life an intact and fragile nature and the preservation of great outdoors … A smooth voice full of beliefs which turned yet all around United States … This voice is the Nahko and Medicine for The People‘s one … Nothing more healthy !

Nahko comes from a mix between Apache and Puerto Rican cultures America runs through his veines with all force and diversity that it can means. His music is crossing pop, folk and sometimes reggae music and his lyrics embrace Bob Marley’s idea of world-bridging, bringing people together to resolve differences. For him music is a tool to create healing and activate people to change things, their music promotes the bridging of all tribes. The lyrics the stories and their energy as a group break down people’s walls. They could be social philosophical or environmental Nahko’s preocupations are ours too. This simplicity and this close proximity with people conquered American audience. With an engaged and poetic message, with his powerful and living music Nahko quickly became an important figure of the American Folk scene.

His two last albums “On The Verge” and “Dark as Night” are rough and real, very nice produced fed by Nahko’s sensibility and vitality. That’s why we’re so proud to present you this artist and all band with a unique universe which remind sometimes great moments of John Buttler Trio or Xavier Rudd’s careers. In the United States the band is knighted all over the country and the Folk phenomen is finally arriving in France with Soulbeats Records so please have an earing to it and let yourself be enchanted by this powerfull music …

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