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Cuir Moustache/Fujiko


You loved him in « Gloire au Panpan » released in 2007 by CLAC! Records, you will adore Panpan Master, the maddest rapper of the galaxy in his new EP « Cuir cuir cuir moustache ». Cuir moustache is the 1st in a short-formats series, a hymn to the glory of famous Japanese actress Fujiko Kano. The original version was constructed with Japanese producer Kaz Nishimura (original Kaz mix) then fiddled with by His Majesty Grandpamini, Parisian dandy, Radio host on Campus Paris (Granpamini edit). The record ends with a third version sung in French orchestrated by Sapritch, producer, among other, of the 1st album of Panpan Master.

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