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The Bordeaux Cordebrève had the ingenious idea to put in songs poems written at the end of the XIXth century. Paul Verlaine of course, Sully Prudhomme, Jean Richepin, Jean Moréas, Léon Valade, Catulle Mendès, or Emile Verhaeren who used to write like nobody writes today. Obscure grey atmosphères, often charming, frightening at times, always gentle. To these poems which the new century might consider unimportant, Cordebrève bring languorous pop melodies with luxurious orchestration. 11 songs that will take you on a journey, a trip that will make you feel so good...

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01 Oubli (Catulle Mendès)03' 01"
02 Ici-bas (Sully Prudhomme)03' 23"
03 Il pleure dans mon coeur (Paul Verlaine)02' 48"
04 Nuit de Paris (Léon Valade)03' 20"
05 La pluie (Maurice Rollinat)04' 07"
06 Le conseil (Jean Moréas)03' 12"
07 La valse (Sully Prudhomme)03' 55"
08 Soir religieux (Emile Verhaeren02' 48"
09 Himmel, grau und wochentäglicht... (Heinrich Heine)03' 12"
10 Villanelle du diable (Maurice Rollinat)02' 50"
11 Sonnet morne (Jean Richepin)03' 59"
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