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Five tracks, that's few and a lot at the same time. After two years touring between Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes, with the Svinkels, Bellrays or Justice, B L et G B finally found a way to record these songs with catchy melodies, sharp riffs and cardiac rhythms. Their playful pop, hip-hop and funk-coloured, also borrows the carefreeness of punk and the provocative hip move.

Carabine live in Bordeaux, but come from Reims, the city of Yuksek, Alb or the Shoes. Like the Svinkels or Stupeflip, they practice self-derision and multiply hints. Their stories are about parties that go wrong, lubricious and foggy visions, weird laughters and permanent joys. The pace is devilish ; groove that hits hard,no respite, fast and good.

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