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Ça va zumber


It's after 6 years that's the Fascagat comes back with a new album rhythm by humour and celebration. This is with a new group composed by Sébastien Gaubert (alias "Sésé"), Jean Michel Nespoulous (alias "Néné") and Jean Philippe Partouche (alias "Mouche"), that's the Boy's Band sing us his love of life, and his desire of share it through 14 news titles and 2 reruns. This album will make you dance and you will pass great time with your friend!

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01 Mlle Huguette03' 43"
02 La zumba des "fasca¨03' 37"
03 St tropette03' 03"
04 Féroce03' 02"
05 A la ferme03' 27"
06 La gueule de bois02' 47"
07 Le cochon dans le maïs03' 16"
08 Gendarmerie nationale03' 28"
09 Les campings de bord de mer03' 03"
10 Brankassonik03' 11"
11 Village popol02' 44"
12 Jour de marché02' 39"
13 Sexy boys03' 53"
14 Swinguer les étoiles02' 33"
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