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Blood / Lines


There’s a rare confidence to Emily Jane White’s songwriting: it’s at once generous and tough-minded, reflective and unsentimental. Her work shares some elements with folk music, but the term does not do justice to her ambitious songwriting and robust arrangements. White possesses a singular voice inspired by the raveled threads of the uncanny in American culture, including depression-era blues and classic works of gothic literature such as Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper. 

Her indelible sound has earned White a devoted European following, prompting her to regularly tour France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands and southern Europe in recent years.

After releasing three albums in three years (“Dark Undercoat“, 2008; “Victorian America“, 2009; “Ode To Sentience“, 2010), Emily Jane White wrote over 100 sketches between January 2011 and October 2012.

Her new album “Blood / Lines” is a selected compilation of these songs. Recorded in a secluded studio in Sonoma County, California, the quiet environment provided Emily a place to explore new directions and avenues with artistic integrity and creative control. She layered synthesizer, electric guitar and multiple tracks of vocals into nine heavily reverbed scenes. With the help of friends and collaborators, Emily's worlds were diversified with strings, backing vocals, and heavy drums. Blood/Lines displays loyalty to dark and somber atmospheres through bright sounds, rhythmic drive, and pop sensibility. Love, anger, and violence move through each vignette. Kinship generates complex intimacies. Love can entrap the unwary and betray the devoted.

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