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After thirteen years to search his memory for souvenirs that he has'nt known, Artús creates folklore by emancipating the dogmas of tradition, overcoming the legacy he has received. Mixed, creolized, he questioned his practice to obtain a universal vision of the world through the ultralocal.
Radical, raw and untamed, Artús seeks nothing, expects nothing, it's needed and it exists in the current standardization.

This fourth album is based on texts from the Gascon poet Bernard Manciet, tales and legends collected with Hubert Cahuzac in the Grande Lande (south west of France) between 1961 and 1964. Bernard Manciet provides a psychedelic painting of a Lande whose nebulous memories transpire here through the music of Artús.

"D'aucun pied, d'aucune terre, l'arbre si haut, si droit ne saurait rester planté là. Lui, si bandé, raide, face à la force atlantique se tord comme une hélice des racines à la cime. Dans un souffle brutal s’est déplié le Drac, qui s’est fait oiseau." // H.Cahuzac

Pairbon (Roman Colautti) : bariton guitar
Roman Baudoin : hurdy gurdy
Matèu Baudoin : voice, violin, string tambourin
Tomàs Baudoin : voice, boha, Dark Energy
Shape2 (Nicolas Godin) : drums

With voices of Isabelle Loubère & Isabelle Feuillebois

According to the texts of Bernard and Hubert Manciet Cahuzac

Yann Prévost : stage sound engineer
Olivier Granger : stage light

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